How to Properly Assess your Italian Translation Needs

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Do you only need to get a general idea of the document for translation? If you only want to translate a general type of document, such as an email or a letter or a page from a literary text, then perhaps you can just use some machine-based Italian translation software you can find online. Google Translate, although far from being perfect, can produce output that may help you understand and get a good sense of the original text. But if you feel like Google Translate fails to deliver, try other software or websites—as they use different algorithms to do the Italian translation job automatically, the quality of their translation output also varies. So try and sample as many as you want—they are free, anyway. Moreover, you can also try your hand at doing the translation—with a good Italian dictionary, most simple translation exercises can be easily done. The bonus: you might gain a little more confidence in your own Italian translation skills.

Is your document intended to be distributed to a limited number of destinations or recipients? If your document is intended to be informative and has a limited or a specific set of recipients (intended readers) in mind, there are many “semi-professional” or amateur Italian translators that can help you in translating it. The upside: the service may be for free. Where do you find such translators? At the nearby university, for instance, where students looking for something to cut their teeth with would be happy to translate your document for you for free—or maybe in exchange for a complimentary snack. Any competent foreign language teachers can also assist you with this job—especially if you have friends who can refer you to them. Moreover, there are language translation agencies that offer some sort of a “beginner’s” level of Italian translation service, which is also a way of saying they can perform a “rough” translation of your document by a human translator. At this level of Italian translation, expect minor mistakes and a less-than-polished output. But that’s alright, as long as the translated document is coherent as a whole and serves its purpose in communication.

Finally, if your document is utterly important and is intended to be used in an actual business setting (for example, as part of a marketing or advertising campaign), then it makes perfect sense to hire the best Italian translation professionals that you can hire. At this level, the translation fee is somehow less important than the professional assurance that the translated output is really high quality and faithful to the cultural sensibilities and expectations of the target language.

Obviously, if you have a lot of money to burn, you can always go and directly hire some language translation agency to provide you a good Italian translation of your document. But if money matters, these aforementioned reminders should help you logically decide on which path to take.

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How to Properly Assess your Italian Translation Needs

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This article was published on 2013/03/22