How Working with a Translation Agency Can Foster a Global Mindset Within Organizations

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Who’s in charge of working with your translation agency? Do departments across your organization have a working relationship with your company’s translation agency, or is your perspective on global initiatives restricted to a single person or team?

As companies look to take their brands global via language translation services, there’s an increasing sense that organizations will only succeed globally if they collectively begin to think of themselves as an international company, and not a U.S.-based company with minor international efforts.

One way to expand your company’s thinking in this regard is to broaden your teams’ exposure to the role your translation agency plays in a myriad of projects. The idea here is to show how language translation services can transcend silos of marketing, business development, and executive strategy.

The truth is, communicators, decision makers, and planners all have need of language translation services. The more your company relies on international customers for profit, the more your in-house creatives, IT teams, and legal departments will have to understand the ways in which language translation services are used on their behalf in markets all over the globe.

VPs of marketing, product development leaders, eCommerce managers, international retail planners, account managers, CTOs, and employee training managers all have a stake in understanding how the work your translation agency does on your behalf impacts their roles.

For instance, a document translation service will be responsible for translating privacy policies for your users and guidelines for your international tech teams. Document translation services will also impact how employees are trained in-country, as they will translate manuals and reference guides.

When your marketing and sales departments want to target segments of emerging markets, they’ll need a translation agency to help them identify the right venues and messaging for their campaigns.

Your designers and programmers will also have to consult with your translation agency to make sure that the new websites and apps they create for international consumers are localized for cultural contexts that dictate design decisions and interface functionality.

It’s important to think of language translation services not as the responsibility of the “person who’s handling your Japanese business,” or “the guy who deals with Indonesia.” It’s an organization-wide mind shift. Every new venture should be undertaken with the idea that one day, it will likely need to be translated for other languages and cultures. Regular exposure to the work your translation agency does can help foster this attitude shift, gradually moving your organization towards a broader, global state of mind.

Don’t relegate international thinking to language translation services alone. Integrating it into the culture of your organization will help elevate you above your competitors as you vie for foreign customers.

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How Working with a Translation Agency Can Foster a Global Mindset Within Organizations

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How Working with a Translation Agency Can Foster a Global Mindset Within Organizations

This article was published on 2013/08/31