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Translation headphones are employed in business interpreting (aka simultaneous interpreting) environments, like meetings, conferences, conventions, as well as other live events.

The presenter’s words are translated (“interpreted”is really the proper term), on the fly in real time by an interpreter, who’s typically in a booth listening to the lecturer via an interpreter’s control device. The interpreter speaks into a microphone and the signal is then transmitted all through the room or hall by a special transmitter made for that function.

The delegates listen to the interpreted words via translation headsets, i.e. earphones and radios. Translation radios tend to be small FM radios that are tuned to a particular frequency that doesn’t interfere with regular FM-radio broadcasting. Quite often, the accompanying headphones are generic and can be used with many audio devices.

If more than one language is being translated, then each language is on an individual frequency or channel, and listeners choose the language they want to hear on their translation headsets.

Some transmitting devices are infrared – they use invisible light waves to distribute the signal throughout the location. The chief use of infrared equipment is in hush hush conferences such as government and UN meetings, where even the slightest probability of eavesdropping cannot be accepted. Since light can’t pass through opaque walls, infrared interpreting technology is considered absolutely private (as long as you remember to close the blinds!) Infrared transmission requires infrared receivers and is generally more costly than usual translation gear.

Key brands of translation equipment and headsets are:

Williams Sound, Listen Technology, and Bosch.

Williams Sound is the market leader in the United States. Apart from translation equipment, Williams also offers assistive listening devices to aid those with hearing problems. Hearing support is a vast portion of their business. Listen Technology is developing into a huge rival of Williams and manufactures exceptional equipment as well. You can’t go wrong with either of these two brands.

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Translation Headphones – Simultaneous Interpretation Headsets

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This article was published on 2010/09/30