Translation Tools- Translation Memory Software Scores High

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The global business arena and the technological innovation of cloud based services have made the world a smaller place with wider access. The advent of this new computing technology has given scope to the employers and colleagues across wide geographical boundaries to discuss organizational and business strategies at the click of a mouse. Though exciting, this has its own set of challenges with language becoming the biggest barrier when you communicate across the globe. Translation of languages becomes a necessity in such circumstances. Translation is a combination of creativity with a technical bend, when used along with ate-of-art technology.

There are a number of translation tools available, but a good translation tool would be one that would have a built-in glossary and a system of extraction of text from the source so that the translators need not worry about formats. Most of these translation software solutions have automatic translation built-in it. Also known as machine translation. Whether they are legal documents, marketing materials, product documents or business white papers, translation tools help to translate them more efficiently with the help of a well-developed glossary.

The common factor in any multi-lingual communication would reveal a well crafted language with a set of recurring phrases and statements in an effort to communicate to the client or customer. The translation memory. which is in-built in the software, captures all repeated content and forms a linguistic database that continually grows with the translation process. Translation memory facilitates the localization process, and improves quality and efficiency. Further, quick completion of translation assignments leads to more revenue prospects.

Out of the various translation tools available, the translation memory software is most common. Being supported by numerous languages, the translation is performed by a live professional translator. Using a legacy translation database ensures extremely high accuracy with consistency and high quality standards. Further, the translation memory software is compatible with a number of file formats and wide range of programs such as MS Office, OpenOffice, RTF, HTML, XML Adobe Frame-Maker etc. This new technology can be used on individual desktops for small and medium business enterprises as well as extended from a simple desktop to large enterprise wide implementations with an ability to translate considerable large amount of content data in a number of languages within a smaller budget.

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Translation Tools- Translation Memory Software Scores High

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Translation Tools- Translation Memory Software Scores High

This article was published on 2011/08/25